Mobilgi ASK Survey System – for any company or organization that needs a quick and easy way to effectively collect and analyze market data about their products, their marketplace, their competition, and the people they serve!

The Challenge

Today, all types of companies, trade organizations, and public service groups need a way to gather insight about their activities – whether it be consumer products manufacturers looking to gather large scale distribution system data, retailers looking for on-the-spot customer opinions, real estate agencies needing to collect data on property in their commercial areas, non-profit organizations looking to gather public sector data, research agencies gathering population impressions, or anyone needing a flexible, effective, and inexpensive way to do surveys for their business.

The Solution

Mobilgi’s ASK Mobile Survey System is an easy and effective way to conduct market research surveys using mobile handheld technology (PDAs and mobile phones). ASK allows you to create, implement, and manage all types of research surveys from anywhere at any time. Companys’ own employees, outsourced agency personnel, or crowd-sourced workers can use the system with minimal to no training required.

Analysis of the response data is instantly available via your Mobilgi Internet portal and reports are produced automatically for distribution to key managers.


With Mobilgi ASK you can:


Mobilgi ASK lets you roll-out planned research projects or conduct ad hoc surveys. The system is so effective and easy that our customers are finding more and more ways to use the system. Companies can use their own employees or even crowd-source to execute market research programs.
Mobile ASK has been used by our customers for:
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