Mobilgi OneStore Visual Merchandising System – for fashion, grocery, and general merchandise retailers

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The Challenge

Visual merchandising is challenging. Retailers invest huge amounts of money and time designing store layouts and displays, planning promotions and discounts, and making merchandise selections to maximize the customer experience. Ensuring that all of these things appear in stores as planned should rely on more than assumptions, good intentions, and cobbled together systems.

VM tasks and instructions can be long and complex. Outdated communication methods like email and message services for reporting information on visual merchandising work orders make this even harder. Staff can feel frustrated by unclear and incomplete instructions. Time spent off the floor for clarifying and documenting tasks can negatively affect performance. Feedback takes time, and often cannot be managed and reported efficiently. Retailers need a seamless process for controlling tasks and managing results.

The Solution

Mobilgi OneStore Visual Merchandising software is a cloud-based, mobile-enabled data collection solution designed to plan and monitor visual merchandising activities in real-time. Mobilgi OneStore provides the most comprehensive toolkit for all users – store staff and managers – in a single, easy to use software package. Get instant in-store merchandising and audit management – all via our one powerful system! It’s easy as 1-2-3!

Digital Communication via your phone or hand-held device.

Visual Communication via your device’s camera.

Bidirectional Communication – via your device’s Internet connection.


Visual Merchandising management has never been so easy and effective with Mobilgi OneStore’s advantages:


Mobilgi OneStore integrates with your existing planogram and store design tools so that your teams don’t have to switch back and forth from system to system, causing confusion and wasting valuable time.
And, Mobilgi OneStore can be integrated with other company departments, like Human Resources, Sales Operations, to evaluate performance, conduct trainings, and execute other horizontal function audits required by the company.

Bring your in-store retail display designs to life simply, easily, effectively! Nail in-store merchandising and make sure your retail vision shines across all store displays and signage. Increase merchandising compliance with a comprehensive system for your store teams so that they know exactly what needs to get done. Mobilgi OneStore is the hub that you need to consolidate all operational communications within your retail organization!

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