Digital Workplace For Your Store Teams Connective Tissue between the Front-Line Teams and Headquarters

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Free CRM system for your sales team with all the essential tools – sales funnel, pipeline management, sales reports, 360-degree customer view, support for repeat sales and sales automation.
  • Poor execution of in-store marketing campaigns and promotions
  • Limited employee training capabilities
  • High number of people with low efficiency
  • High turnover among frontline employees
  • Implementation of latest technologies in Visual Merchandising (VM) is a vital part of the dynamic retail experience.
  • VM tasks and instructions are very complex to be managed by email or any other message services. Feedback takes time and often cannot be managed and reported efficiently.
  • Time spent on repetitive tasks and administrative duties affects staff performance adversely


OneStore and Ask ar a no-code process and workflow digitization solution. Easily construct custom forms, create workflows, and analyze data in automated and aggregated dashboards. Streamline your whole workflow, improve cooperation, and raise productivity.
Perfect Visual Merchandising Execution
Engaged & Informed Employees
Effective and Standardized Site Audits
Efficient Promotion Execution
Better Trained Frontline Teams
Fast Store Requests & Maintenance reporting


Saving 30 minutes of reporting time per employee per day

% Planogram

50% increase in planogram compatibility

% Periodic Display

60% increase in periodic display space capability

% Sales Increase

Up-to 7% increase in sales promotional display areas


Detailed Visual Announcement Management
Instant and Regular Controls, Audits and Store Visits
Periodic Display Areas and Hot Zones Management
Campaign and Document Management


Our Competitive Advantage
  • Flexible and Expandable
  • Advanced From Creation System
  • Online / Offline Data Entry
  • Conditional formatting
  • Scorecards
  • Photo / Video Caption
  • Applicable to Different Types of Retail
  • Easy to Use
  • iOS / Android Compitable
  • Process Management Development
  • Multi Language Support


Efficient Store Visits

Paper checklist, spreadsheets, and time-consuming reports are no longer necessary. Your area managers can digitally complete their store audits, set action plans, and transmit the report to the store manager right away. In an automated dashboard, HQ now has a real-time overview of all visits and can simply track compliance.

Plan and Prioritize

Look into previous site visit and audit performance to help your teams prioritize their trips. They'll be better prepared for their next inspection if they know what to look for.

Automatically Create Action Plans

Assign action plans to resolve compliance issues and use our mobile app to track their fulfilment. Share automatic reports with managers and other users that need to know.


Examine the Compliance Situation

HQ teams may analyze compliance and performance by automatically aggregating checklist data. Identify recurring difficulties and their core causes so that assistance strategies can be put in place.

Easily Create Checklist

Make checklists for your teams that are consistent. A score is automatically calculated after each inspection, showing where improvements are needed.

Organize All of Your Tasks in One Place

Using our mobile app, give your frontline employees everything they need to be more productive. From checklist and audits to standard operating procedures, OneStore digitizes work for store teams. You get a real-time perspective of operational execution, allowing you to quickly assess compliance and act.

Use Cases

  • Visual Merchandising
  • Promo Area Management
  • Onsite Training
  • Safety and Hygiene
  • Supplier Audits
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Price Tag Audits


Fashion Retailers

Restaurant, Fast Food & Coffee Chains

Global Partners

FMCG, Grocery, Supermarket Chains