Mobilgi REACH – for banking, pharmaceutical, insurance and any company with sales representative and service teams in the field meeting customers.

The Challenge

The world of customer contact, sales, and service has undergone a sea change. Clients no longer come to companies’ offices in search of new products and services, to sign contracts, and to complete transactions. Customers expect high value product/service suppliers to come to them. Companies who understand this have a substantial advantage over those that still rely on their bricks and mortar locations to close sales.

The Solution

Mobilgi Reach is an automated customer relationship management system that provides key client data to Field Sales Representatives to help them plan their sales visits and, most importantly, close sales.

Mobilgi Reach is the essential tool that banks, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and others rely on to transform their sales functions and keep pace with the new business reality.

Mobilgi REACH users include companies with outside sales representatives from the following sectors:

Banking and financial


Home and Direct-to-consumer, (eg. Avon)

Courier services


In addition to the basic ‘who, when, and where’ information, Mobilgi Reach allows sales reps to close sales, deliver key documents, collect signatures, establish follow-up requirements, know key dates of importance to clients, and collect qualatative data not captured by other systems.


The system provides complete mobility for Sales Reps via their handheld devices and mobile phones, and activity reports are available online to Sales Managers at their offices or wherever they choose to access the Web. Sales Managers can analyze and evaluate their team’s perfomance and make changes or assign rewards base on the system’s flexible and timely reporting features.

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